Tabby Templates Starter set


You will get Our Starter Set & unlimited access to TabbyTemplates yahoo group. Exclusive TabbyTemplate membership & all Our Instructions with updates yours for one price. We are always updating Instructions so you will never have to pay for updated Instructions or New designs Instructions again. You will get all 7 templates with 10 sizes and Instructions to get you started. New sizes coming soon and single size replacements."See picture" Starter kit comes with everything to get you on your way & making your first hair bows with perfect loops every time. Ribbon, Templates, clips, wire, zip ties. You will need your own scissors, glue, needle & thread and/or floss but, we will send everything else you will need to be on your way to Bow Heaven.(Please note ribbon in picture is a custom design made for RibbonHeaven). There will be a list of helpful hints to use we call them Tricks of Tabby Templates in the files by us or our members on TT yahoo group. Watch for your Invite to our New Tabby Template yahoo group or request membership and include your invoice number. See you there.
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